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Almond banana bread

Another banana bread recipe I’ve made! People often ask me what my favorite dessert is but I always say “I’m not sure?” Ir I might say ” I don’t have a favorite”. Now I’m pretty sure that banana bread is my favorite dessert if it even qualifies as one!😆 it’s so simple to make bananaContinue reading “Almond banana bread”

Vegan strawberry almond cupcakes (photo shoot and recipe)

These cupcakes can pass as muffins so we ate them for breakfast! They were delicious and I had mine with no whipped cream on top! The secret to these cupcakes is the almond extract! I never thought almond extract could be so delicious and it gave these cupcakes a sweeter flavor without adding anymore sugar!Continue reading “Vegan strawberry almond cupcakes (photo shoot and recipe)”