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Winter kale salad with maple tahini dressing

I love a good kale salad and with winter around the corner why not make a winter salad? This salad is good all year round but tastes best in fall or winter.
kale is delicious but only good in a salad is washed correctly. I wash my kale with salt, lemon juice and a little water. Believe me this is vital for a kale salad. Some stores my have already washed kale that is ready to go and that is a great option!😄👍

What makes a good salad?
a good salad needs a good partner and that partner is dressing. Not every dressing can go with every salad. You wouldn’t put ranch on this winter salad with apple and almonds. You wouldn’t put balsamic vinaigrette on a Caesar salad? No you want the perfect combo! 👌🤩

Washing kale

you’ll want these ingredients for washing the kale.
• lemon juice or vinegar (lemon juice because vinegar leaves my hands smelling like well. Vinegar!

• water.
• sea salt.

winter kale salad

Kale. Use fresh kale that looks really good for eating.
Cornbread. I used cubed cornbread as quick soft croutons. Here’s my recipe: Easy vegan cornbread.
Purple cabbage. I shredded mine myself but you can buy pre-shredded cabbage.
Apple slices. Honey crisp apples are the best! If you want a good salad use honey crisp apples. 🍎.
Almonds. I used sliced almonds but they are optional if you have nut allergies or problems.
Cashews. These are also optional but so good😋.
Tahini. Tahini is one of my favorite additions to dressings.
Maple syrup. I added this to the dressing for a maple version for fall or winter. 🍁It’s amazing!

Winter kale salad

• ingredients

• category: American

• serves: 1 per salad

• time: 20 minutes

winter kale salad

The salad:

• fresh kale. (Plus lemon juice, water, and sea salt).
cornbread cubed.
• shredded purple cabbage.
• apple slices (honey crisp apples).
• almond slices.
• dried cranberries.
• crushed cashews.

massage the kale for about 15 minutes until soft. Put into a bowl and top with the remaining ingredients.

maple tahini dressing

The dressing:

• 2 tbsp tahini.
• juice of 1 lemon.
• sea salt and black pepper to taste.
• 1/2 tsp maple syrup.

whisk until well combined and creamy.


Published by Healthy little vegan

Lilee is a self taught cook who loves making vegan food with a healthy twist. She can be found cooking up recipes with her rabbits in Florida.

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