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3 ingredient dips for fruit

I love healthy dips for fruits and veggies alike, but today I’m just doing fruit dips! Some of these dips are nut free some are vegan,but they all have vegan options. Let’s start with my favorite fruit dip! Honey greek yogurt Honey to taste. Yogurt of choice ( for vegan use vegan yogurt). Chia seedsContinue reading “3 ingredient dips for fruit”

Vanilla bean fruit dip (v gf)

So good you’ll eat it by the spoonful as vanilla bean yogurt and why not when there’s oy 3 simple ingredients! I got a vanilla bean for the first time and didn’t know what to do with it. Well when I was making a simple honey and yogurt fruit dip I remembered my vanilla bean!Continue reading “Vanilla bean fruit dip (v gf)”