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Delicata squash rings

Delicata is a very small yellow and green squash. It tastes so good as lightly breaded and baked rings! Serves: 3-4 Ingredients: 1 delicata squash. 1/2 cup all purpose flour. 1/2 cup vegan mayo or sour cream. 1/3 cup vegan buttermilk (plant milk with 1 tbsp lemon juice). 1 tbsp yellow or Dijon mustard. 1Continue reading “Delicata squash rings”

Vegan gyros

These gyros are one of my favorite recipes to make when I have vegan “meat” on hand. They are simple, savory, yet light because of the veggies and herbs I’ve added. Serves: 1 Ingredients: 1 pita, sliced in half and lightly toasted. 1/2 lb of light life vegan ground “meat” (or use any vegan groundContinue reading “Vegan gyros”

Pumpkin scones (vegan option)

Warm, pumpkin scones are the perfect treat for breakfast or any occasion! Enjoy with a glaze if you want a little more sweetness. I love scones! They are like biscuits only Better because they can come in so many different flavors! I like my scones with a little butter (vegan butter) and sometimes I likeContinue reading “Pumpkin scones (vegan option)”

Balsamic pecan fall salad

I’m a huge fan of fall and if there’s one thing I like it’s a good salad with toppings and a delicious dressing. Many people who don’t normally eat salad look at it as just a bowl of lame veggies. This is so not true! Veggies are delicious and so good for you, let’s notContinue reading “Balsamic pecan fall salad”

Banana cinnamon scones

These delicious little scones are perfect for any occasion and are low in sugar!! I love scones! They are like biscuits that have been lightly sweetened and flavored. I got the idea for these scones from She has a wonderful baking blog and I highly recommend following her blog! I have made my versionContinue reading “Banana cinnamon scones”

Banana rounds

Rounds of delicious banana goodness! Pile on as much banana as you want for this scrumptious snack! In one of my earlier posts I made another banana snack called “banana snack” obviously 😇I’ve listed my snack below. Banana snack what else could this banana round need? Well there are many things banana can go withContinue reading “Banana rounds”

Apple walnut salad

Apples and walnuts taste wonderful together and since fall has finally made its way here I’ve decided to post this. apples have a wonderful crisp red color, but they can come in so many colors! Golden yellow, crimson red, grassy green, hazed pink, and so many more! I commonly use red apples, but any deliciousContinue reading “Apple walnut salad”

Lemon sesame dressing with farmer cheese and young celery salad

One of my favorite dressings! Lemon, olive oil and sesame seeds go together so well! You usually don’t see lemon going together with sesame but in this recipe it will show u just how good lemon and sesame together are!!! Young celery young celery is delicious and has a more delicate flavor then full grownContinue reading “Lemon sesame dressing with farmer cheese and young celery salad”

Oat protein bowl

I need protein in the mornings to get me moving and oats are a great source of protein. I tried to include all your morning needs in this bowl. I used…oats, olive oil, chia seeds, nut butter, walnuts, strawberries, avocado, honey (optional), and pepitas. I used Greek yogurt but that is optional if your vegan.Continue reading “Oat protein bowl”

Classic salad

Everyone wants a little classic meal that doesn’t have all those new ingredients. When your tired and need a late dinner all you want is a good classic meal. mid your like me and you like snacking but don’t want to eat bad snacks…then salad is your go to snack. even in cold weather aContinue reading “Classic salad”