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Vegan pear crumb pie

This is my grandmothers recipe that I’ve shaken up and made vegan. Of course I didn’t tell anyone it was vegan until after they devoured the pie! And guess what? No one knew it was actually vegan… ha! If your a non-vegan then here’s my old recipe for the original pear crumb pie. Crumble topContinue reading “Vegan pear crumb pie”

Pumpkin scones (vegan option)

Warm, pumpkin scones are the perfect treat for breakfast or any occasion! Enjoy with a glaze if you want a little more sweetness. I love scones! They are like biscuits only Better because they can come in so many different flavors! I like my scones with a little butter (vegan butter) and sometimes I likeContinue reading “Pumpkin scones (vegan option)”

Apple walnut salad

Apples and walnuts taste wonderful together and since fall has finally made its way here I’ve decided to post this. apples have a wonderful crisp red color, but they can come in so many colors! Golden yellow, crimson red, grassy green, hazed pink, and so many more! I commonly use red apples, but any deliciousContinue reading “Apple walnut salad”

Vegan pumpkin bread

A fall favorite! Pumpkin bread is a wonderful fall treat and goes so well with any meal. I love pumpkin! It’s so good in so many recipes! Muffins, ice cream, pudding, pie, and so much more! fresh pumpkin will work just as good as canned as long as it’s not too watery. Variations up untilContinue reading “Vegan pumpkin bread”

Classic salad

Everyone wants a little classic meal that doesn’t have all those new ingredients. When your tired and need a late dinner all you want is a good classic meal. mid your like me and you like snacking but don’t want to eat bad snacks…then salad is your go to snack. even in cold weather aContinue reading “Classic salad”

Loaded banana toast

Toast is a quick breakfast that never fails but sometimes I need a little protein and fiber with my toast. Bananas have always been a favorite of mine which is why I always have some on hand. this banana toast has protein, Potassium, fiber, And great flavor. Why the breads shape? sorry about how theContinue reading “Loaded banana toast”

Loaded avocado toast

A delicous way to start your day! Maybe it’s a quick snack or a midnight munch or even as a meal. However you eat this toast it will be enjoyable and full of that avocados delicious nutty and creamy flavor! Celery leaves on toast my not be the first thing you think of, but IContinue reading “Loaded avocado toast”

Toast toppings

1 piece of toast, 6 different flavors! Toast is a quick breakfast meal that doesn’t require much prep. I love toast, but not always with butter and jelly so this is a remake of your normal everyday toast. Some of these toppings are vegan amd some have nuts. Vegan option use vegan and dairy freeContinue reading “Toast toppings”

Italian dressing

Simple italian dressing is a favorite of mine and is one of the easiest dressings to make! Using only herbs, olive oil, vinegar, sea salt, and black pepper! The only trick to making this dressing is having the right amounts of olive oil and vinegar. Totally… This dressing is totally vegan,dairy free, gluten free optionContinue reading “Italian dressing”