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Italian dressing

italian salad and dressing

Simple italian dressing is a favorite of mine and is one of the easiest dressings to make! Using only herbs, olive oil, vinegar, sea salt, and black pepper! The only trick to making this dressing is having the right amounts of olive oil and vinegar.


This dressing is totally vegan,dairy free, gluten free option (gluten free croutons) and it’s totally delicious!

Gluten free option

Only the salad has gluten on it and it’s the croutons. To make this salad 100% gluten free opt for gluten free croutond or leave them out completely.

Meat lover option

Add crispy bacon pieces or cubed lunch meat for some meaty flavor and protein.

Vegan protein add ins

For protein without the meat use a vegan protein such as…tofu, nuts (I like walnuts) vegan meats, tempeh or vegan protein of choice. Enjoy!

Italian salad topped with the dressing


Category: Italian

Serves: 1 per salad and 1-2 per dressing

Italian dressing

The dressing

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil.

1/4 cup rice vinegar.

1 tbsp of Italian herbs.

Pinch of dried oregano.

Sea salt and black pepper to taste.


Stir or whisk until well combined.

italian salad

The salad

Chopped romaine lettuce.

Carrot slices.

Celery, chopped.

Black olives.

Croutons ( optional and gluten free option).

Parsley to garnish.


Toss and arrange as desired. Enjoy!


Published by Healthy little vegan

Lilee is a self taught cook who loves making vegan food with a healthy twist. She can be found cooking up recipes with her rabbits in Florida.

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