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Basil and mint pea salad

A fresh pea salad with mint, basil, cherry tomatoes, and olive oil. enjoy on toast, by the bowl, or atop grilled chicken! I love bright green salads and dishes so pea salad is a favorite of mine! Fresh use fresh basil and mint in your salad, but I used frozen peas. I also used freshContinue reading “Basil and mint pea salad”

Loaded avocado toast

A delicous way to start your day! Maybe it’s a quick snack or a midnight munch or even as a meal. However you eat this toast it will be enjoyable and full of that avocados delicious nutty and creamy flavor! Celery leaves on toast my not be the first thing you think of, but IContinue reading “Loaded avocado toast”

Blood orange salad and dressing

there was a bag of blood oranges in the fridge and they were about to go bad. Luckily I decided to make a salad with the overly juicy oranges before they went bad and I even feel like getting more oranges! I have a problem with oranges (mostly navel oranges) when I start eating themContinue reading “Blood orange salad and dressing”


Homemade pesto! All you need is herbs, olive oil, lemon juice, and parmesan cheese (optional)! store bought pesto is expensive and making your own pesto is so easy why would you ever want to buy store bought again! Make it vegan Use vegan parmesan cheese or leave it out, but the parmesan cheese does giveContinue reading “Pesto”