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Easy apple crumble (v gf)

The perfect thing to make when you want a quick lightly sweet snack!! This easy crumble comes together in less than an hour and goes wonderfully with your favorite vegan whipped cream! Apples. I always use organic apples. Rice flour. Also known as rice starch. Can be substitute for corn starch (or corn flour). Oats.Continue reading “Easy apple crumble (v gf)”

Mini pumpkin bundt’s (vegan)

It may be the day after thanksgiving but I still have canned pumpkin and I bet there’s a lot of you who way overstocked on pumpkin (I know I did😆). I have. New record too! Five yes FIVE pumpkin pies this year. I’m pumpkin pied out (well that’s not true). When you pop these bundtsContinue reading “Mini pumpkin bundt’s (vegan)”

Easy 2 minute mug muffins (muggin) (vegan)

Lately on Instagram I’ve been seeing lots of microwave foods like: cake, muffins, lasagna, and yes, even pizza! Muffins in mug what could be better than that! Oh yeah, it’s vegan! today I will be showing you 4 delicious 2 minute mug muffins that you can make. They use only 9 very simple ingredients likeContinue reading “Easy 2 minute mug muffins (muggin) (vegan)”

Vegan eggnog (gf)

eggnog is a fall and winter favorite but, sadly it was a non-vegan drink that could never be replaced😢. UNTIL NOW!!! yes I know it sounds strange because this “EGG” nog actually has no eggs at all? I mean to me eggs in a beverage sounds gross and very unsanitary. Even before I was veganContinue reading “Vegan eggnog (gf)”

Fall smoothie

Everyone knows about the pumpkin pie smoothies but I wanted to make a smoothie that combined every single flavor of fall. 🍁🎃🌿🥧🍎 you’ve got the pumpkin goodness with apple pie flavors, maple syrup and of course CINNAMON! I mean who doesn’t love cinnamon? Apple. I used honey crisp but gala or golden delicious would alsoContinue reading “Fall smoothie”

Peppermint chocolate smoothie (v gf)

Have you ever smelled peppermint? Well I can tell you that it smells amazing! 🌿 I added a spoonful of nut butter to my smoothie (because I’m addicted to nut butter) you don’t have to add it unless you are like me!😂 how many of you are the kind of person who could have aContinue reading “Peppermint chocolate smoothie (v gf)”

Vegan pie crust

Easily make this 100% vegan pie crust with only a few simple ingredients. You can fill the crust with whatever you like and it should take about the same time to bake for almost any filling. My pie recipes Vegan pear crumb pie Vegan pumpkin pie Cherry sheet pie • ingredients • category: American •Continue reading “Vegan pie crust”

Spaghetti squash with basil and butter (v gf)

This is my first time at making spaghetti squash so I had no idea that it actually came out like spaghetti without anything?! It has a lovely little crunch and it’s strangely refreshing. The basil and vegan butter give it an amazing flavor that you won’t want to miss! A few options some of youContinue reading “Spaghetti squash with basil and butter (v gf)”

Easy vegan cornbread

Cornbread is a fall must have and it’s used in stuffing for thanksgiving. I recently found out the difference between stuffing and dressing. Stuffing. Stuffing is when the it is stuffed inside the turkey or if you stuff it into something. Dressing. Dressing is when it’s served in a bowl and not stuffed inside aContinue reading “Easy vegan cornbread”