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The best Vegan cinnamon rolls

You haven’t tried cinnamon rolls until you’ve tried this recipe! These are super fluffy and full of cinnamon flavor! The only problem was they were eaten so fast I only got a few pictures!😋 oozing with cinnamon goodness these are so good I didn’t care for the glaze! In my opinion glaze is to sweetContinue reading “The best Vegan cinnamon rolls”

Fall smoothie

Everyone knows about the pumpkin pie smoothies but I wanted to make a smoothie that combined every single flavor of fall. 🍁🎃🌿🥧🍎 you’ve got the pumpkin goodness with apple pie flavors, maple syrup and of course CINNAMON! I mean who doesn’t love cinnamon? Apple. I used honey crisp but gala or golden delicious would alsoContinue reading “Fall smoothie”

Pumpkin scones (vegan option)

Warm, pumpkin scones are the perfect treat for breakfast or any occasion! Enjoy with a glaze if you want a little more sweetness. I love scones! They are like biscuits only Better because they can come in so many different flavors! I like my scones with a little butter (vegan butter) and sometimes I likeContinue reading “Pumpkin scones (vegan option)”