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The best Vegan cinnamon rolls

You haven’t tried cinnamon rolls until you’ve tried this recipe! These are super fluffy and full of cinnamon flavor! The only problem was they were eaten so fast I only got a few pictures!😋 oozing with cinnamon goodness these are so good I didn’t care for the glaze! In my opinion glaze is to sweetContinue reading “The best Vegan cinnamon rolls”

Super seed banana bread (vegan)

I love banana bread! ❤️🍌 I’m known for eating and using banana in many things. My favorite food as a kid? Well it’s pretty obvious!😂 so basically a made one of my basic banana breads and added nuts and seeds to the batter. It’s really simple and vegan!🌱 Flour. I always use all purpose flourContinue reading “Super seed banana bread (vegan)”

Vegan pumpkin bread

A fall favorite! Pumpkin bread is a wonderful fall treat and goes so well with any meal. I love pumpkin! It’s so good in so many recipes! Muffins, ice cream, pudding, pie, and so much more! fresh pumpkin will work just as good as canned as long as it’s not too watery. Variations up untilContinue reading “Vegan pumpkin bread”