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Easy apple crumble (v gf)

The perfect thing to make when you want a quick lightly sweet snack!! This easy crumble comes together in less than an hour and goes wonderfully with your favorite vegan whipped cream! Apples. I always use organic apples. Rice flour. Also known as rice starch. Can be substitute for corn starch (or corn flour). Oats.Continue reading “Easy apple crumble (v gf)”

No waste apple peel chips (v gf)

This is simple yet delicious and requires only 3 simple ingredients! 🍎 apple peel, cinnamon, and sugar! apple peel can seem a little bitter on its own, which is why I added sugar to it and some cinnamon for flavor. when you make an apple pie or apple crumble you peel the apples and throwContinue reading “No waste apple peel chips (v gf)”

Easy 2 minute mug muffins (muggin) (vegan)

Lately on Instagram I’ve been seeing lots of microwave foods like: cake, muffins, lasagna, and yes, even pizza! Muffins in mug what could be better than that! Oh yeah, it’s vegan! today I will be showing you 4 delicious 2 minute mug muffins that you can make. They use only 9 very simple ingredients likeContinue reading “Easy 2 minute mug muffins (muggin) (vegan)”

Fall smoothie

Everyone knows about the pumpkin pie smoothies but I wanted to make a smoothie that combined every single flavor of fall. 🍁🎃🌿🥧🍎 you’ve got the pumpkin goodness with apple pie flavors, maple syrup and of course CINNAMON! I mean who doesn’t love cinnamon? Apple. I used honey crisp but gala or golden delicious would alsoContinue reading “Fall smoothie”

Apple cranberry pie (vegan)

In my family we love pies and almost never eat cake. Pie is almost like a healthy sweet. I mean it’s full of fruit?! I had some fresh cranberries meant for thanksgiving cranberry sauce but I forgot to freeze it and it was going to go bad if I didn’t use it. I immediately wentContinue reading “Apple cranberry pie (vegan)”

Apple pie parfait

Perfect for any occasion, apples are good all year round but are the star of the show during fall months. Enjoy with a cup of tea or with a savory piece or Healthy avocado toast. I used oats, cinnamon, and apple for the perfect healthy parfait. Other parfaits Apples aren’t everyone’s favorite so here areContinue reading “Apple pie parfait”

Apple walnut salad

Apples and walnuts taste wonderful together and since fall has finally made its way here I’ve decided to post this. apples have a wonderful crisp red color, but they can come in so many colors! Golden yellow, crimson red, grassy green, hazed pink, and so many more! I commonly use red apples, but any deliciousContinue reading “Apple walnut salad”