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No waste apple peel chips (v gf)

This is simple yet delicious and requires only 3 simple ingredients! 🍎 apple peel, cinnamon, and sugar! apple peel can seem a little bitter on its own, which is why I added sugar to it and some cinnamon for flavor. when you make an apple pie or apple crumble you peel the apples and throwContinue reading “No waste apple peel chips (v gf)”

Easy bagel chips (v gf option)

These bagel chips are so easy and a refresh of the store bought kind. You can use your favorite bagels and make it gluten free! I served my bagel chips with my homemade Pumpkin hummus! You can serve it with any hummus or dip you please! You could even try dipping them in cream cheeseContinue reading “Easy bagel chips (v gf option)”