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Easy bagel chips (v gf option)

These bagel chips are so easy and a refresh of the store bought kind. You can use your favorite bagels and make it gluten free! I served my bagel chips with my homemade Pumpkin hummus! You can serve it with any hummus or dip you please! You could even try dipping them in cream cheeseContinue reading “Easy bagel chips (v gf option)”

Apple cranberry pie (vegan)

In my family we love pies and almost never eat cake. Pie is almost like a healthy sweet. I mean it’s full of fruit?! I had some fresh cranberries meant for thanksgiving cranberry sauce but I forgot to freeze it and it was going to go bad if I didn’t use it. I immediately wentContinue reading “Apple cranberry pie (vegan)”

Vegan pie crust

Easily make this 100% vegan pie crust with only a few simple ingredients. You can fill the crust with whatever you like and it should take about the same time to bake for almost any filling. My pie recipes Vegan pear crumb pie Vegan pumpkin pie Cherry sheet pie • ingredients • category: American •Continue reading “Vegan pie crust”