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Wild edibles pesto (vegan gf)

It’s almost spring so all the plants are going to start coming back! Why not use those fresh edible greens for a pesto? I went to a farmers market about a year ago and it had the best tasting pesto I’d ever had! I had to recreate the flavor and found that lemon juice, oliveContinue reading “Wild edibles pesto (vegan gf)”

basil pesto (v gf)

Who wouldn’t love a good pesto? I mean it’s so flavorful and tastes great on just about anything! For example: pasta, pizza, salad, veggies, sauces, dressing, and so much more! I’m this post I have included lots of pictures to help you through the process and you’ll find it very helpful I hope.🤞 Fresh basil.Continue reading “basil pesto (v gf)”

Spaghetti squash with basil and butter (v gf)

This is my first time at making spaghetti squash so I had no idea that it actually came out like spaghetti without anything?! It has a lovely little crunch and it’s strangely refreshing. The basil and vegan butter give it an amazing flavor that you won’t want to miss! A few options some of youContinue reading “Spaghetti squash with basil and butter (v gf)”

Basil blueberry smoothie

A refreshing smoothie perfect for summer or any time you feel a craving for a smoothie. basil is such a wonderful herb that can be used in both sweet or savory foods. when I’m in a hurry for breakfast (or just feel in the mood for a smoothie) I like to throw some ingredients inContinue reading “Basil blueberry smoothie”