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Basil blueberry smoothie

basil blueberry smoothie

A refreshing smoothie perfect for summer or any time you feel a craving for a smoothie.
basil is such a wonderful herb that can be used in both sweet or savory foods.
when I’m in a hurry for breakfast (or just feel in the mood for a smoothie) I like to throw some ingredients in the blender then pour into a cup and boom there you have it! A smoothie!

The three simple Steps to smoothie making

first throw all your ingredients into your blender (make sure the lid is on).

blend until smoothie.
pour into a cup, garnish, and enjoy!


basil is a very fragrant herb with a wonderful flavor. I like to put basil on my spaghetti and sometimes I just like to nibble at a leaf of basil.

I used wild blueberries because they have the best flavor and actually have 2x the antioxidants of normal blueberries!


I always use gluten free oats but if you don’t have gluten free oats normal oats will work fine.

keto creamer

Keto creamer (my new favorite sweetener)

“what is keto creamer“ you ask. Well it’s a powdered creamer that’s keto, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and delicious. It’s made of coconut which is a favorite of mine. The ingredients are listed in the picture below…

keto creamer

Now after you know some knowledge on the keto creamer let’s proceed to the recipe for the smoothie.

basil blueberry smoothie


Category: American

Serves: 2-3

heaping 1/2 cup of frozen wild blueberries.
Gluten free oats.
almond milk as needed.
1 small banana.
keto creamer to taste (or sweetener of choice).
fresh basil to taste. 🌿

basil blueberry smoothie


blend until smooth.
garnish with…


basil flowers (optional).
wheat germ (optional).

basil blueberry smoothie

Published by Healthy little vegan

Lilee is a self taught cook who loves making vegan food with a healthy twist. She can be found cooking up recipes with her rabbits in Florida.

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