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Easy vegan pecan pie

I haven’t had pecan pie in ages because it’s a non-vegan classic. Or so I thought. Now it’s a vegan classic that you will love and you won’t have to arrange each pecan perfectly because this is an easy pecan pie! No one is perfect and food doesn’t have to be perfect either!😊 Pecans. YouContinue reading “Easy vegan pecan pie”

Balsamic pecan fall salad

I’m a huge fan of fall and if there’s one thing I like it’s a good salad with toppings and a delicious dressing. Many people who don’t normally eat salad look at it as just a bowl of lame veggies. This is so not true! Veggies are delicious and so good for you, let’s notContinue reading “Balsamic pecan fall salad”