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Everything bagel guacamole

This is literally guacamole with homemade everything bagel seasoning. It’s that simple! seriously you could eat anything with everything bagel seasoning. I’ve had it with rice, salad, dips, bread! ANYTHING! I’m a huge avocado fan and I eat about 1-2 avocados A DAY! I love them that much❤️😊! Of course you could use store boughtContinue reading “Everything bagel guacamole”

Everything bagel seasoning

You’ve seen those delicious looking everything bagels at the store and in bakeries and I bet you’ve wondered what they put in that amazing seasoning! Well here it is! This is my version of everything bagels seasoning with chia seeds instead of poppy seeds and it’s super easy to make! Chia seeds. Although you canContinue reading “Everything bagel seasoning”