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Citrus avocado watercress salad (v gf)

I do love a good salad!🥗 I rarely use watercress in salads and I wish I used it more often because it’s a delicious green!🌿 I can eat 2 avocados A DAY. No guilt too because I love it!!❤️🥑 now that’s #avocadolove Watercress. Fresh cress is best and great when in season! Avocado. Ripe avocadosContinue reading “Citrus avocado watercress salad (v gf)”

Vegan gingerbread cookies

I love gingerbread Cookies and it doesn’t feel right if I didn’t make them for Christmas. These may not be as beautifully decorated as some people’s but, they are delicious and you have the option to decorate them however you wish! I decorated mine with sunbutter, chocolate chips, and dye-free sprinkles. Coconut oil. Or veganContinue reading “Vegan gingerbread cookies”

The best vegan ginger cookies

chewy, soft ginger cookies rolled in sugar and baked to perfection!🍪 you know Christmas is here once you make these heavenly cookies! Flour. I use all purpose flour but spelt works and a good gluten free flour might. Chia seeds. This is to make a chia egg. Another common substitute is flax seeds or groundContinue reading “The best vegan ginger cookies”