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Vegan snickerdoodles

Cookie post #2! I love snickerdoodle cookies they are one of the best tasting cookies there is!🍪 cinnamon, sugar, vanilla? I mean what could taste better? Coconut oil. I tend to never buy vegan butter and always end up using coconut oil or olive oil. Sugar. Believe it or not non-organic sugar is made usingContinue reading “Vegan snickerdoodles”

The best vegan ginger cookies

chewy, soft ginger cookies rolled in sugar and baked to perfection!🍪 you know Christmas is here once you make these heavenly cookies! Flour. I use all purpose flour but spelt works and a good gluten free flour might. Chia seeds. This is to make a chia egg. Another common substitute is flax seeds or groundContinue reading “The best vegan ginger cookies”