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Grapefruit avocado lettuce cups

I love simple little fresh lettuce cups and these cups have a wonderful refreshing flavor thanks to the grapefruit and cucumber. I’ve added a slightly spicy chili dressing to drizzle over these lettuce cups and it’s really simple, but if your not a fan of chili powder then you dont have to use this dressing.Continue reading “Grapefruit avocado lettuce cups”

Salad with pesto dressing

I didn’t even mean to make a pesto, but this is how it came out and I dont regret it! This dressing was suppot to be a fresh herb dressing, but then I added lemon juice, olive oil, and parmesan cheese and it came out tasting almost exactly like the pesto I bought at aContinue reading “Salad with pesto dressing”

Sesame, lime, basil dressing

I was trying to make a new dressing that I had never tried before and lime and sesame came to my mind! Sesame seeds, rice vinegar, and lime goes great together in this tangy dressing! Try my other dressings Ginger coconut amino dressing Lemon ginger dressing Thai salad dressing Ginger salad dressing Try out yourContinue reading “Sesame, lime, basil dressing”