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Veggie sandwich

Lettuce, carrots, celery, farmer cheese, mustard, and basil put between two slices of ciabatta bread and wrapped in a napkin! This easy and fresh sandwich is great for an afternoon snack! Feel free to change this sandwich and fill it with whatever you want! Make it Dairy free If you want this sandwich to beContinue reading “Veggie sandwich”

Nutty banana yogurt bowl

Yogurt topped with… banana slices,nut butter,chia seeds,walnuts,mint,and thyme. Again I’ve made yet another yogurt bowl and it has one of my favorite fruits on it…bananas!!! I love my bananas and nut butter and banana blend so well together it’s hard to resist! Make it dairy free Use dairy free yogurt. Coconut,almond,or oat milk yogurts shouldContinue reading “Nutty banana yogurt bowl”

My fav yogurt bowl

yogurt topped with chia seeds,fruit,and coconut flakes then drizzled with nut butter! My favorite yogurt bowl! If your following my site or have seen my other posts you know I love yogurt bowls! Out of all the yogurt bowls I’ve made this one is the one I make every morning if I dont feel likeContinue reading “My fav yogurt bowl”