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DIY pitas

Pitas stuffed with carrots, celery, black olives, olive oil, farmer cheese, and a delicous juicy beef burger! If you vegan then I recommend using a veggie burger. For some reason when you have a table full of different combinations that you can fill you plate up with it makes you want to start asap (andContinue reading “DIY pitas”


Use as a dip or salad dressing its delicious either way! Cucumber,yogurt,garlic,olive oil,lemon juice,parsley,and mint blended into one deliciously refreshing bowl! Tzatziki is a greek dip or salad dressing consisting mainly of yogurt,cucumber,and olive oil. I do love a good salad dressing and I like to try every kind of dressing possible so I’m onContinue reading “Tzatziki”

Lemon butter asparagus

Fresh asparagus sauted in butter and fresh squeezed lemon juice then put atop meat sauce. Asparagus is one veggie that I have never tried,but lemon and butter goes well with just about any vegetable. Make it dairy free Use dairy free butter or extra virgin olive oil. What kind of meat sauce do I use?Continue reading “Lemon butter asparagus”

Nutty banana yogurt bowl

Yogurt topped with… banana slices,nut butter,chia seeds,walnuts,mint,and thyme. Again I’ve made yet another yogurt bowl and it has one of my favorite fruits on it…bananas!!! I love my bananas and nut butter and banana blend so well together it’s hard to resist! Make it dairy free Use dairy free yogurt. Coconut,almond,or oat milk yogurts shouldContinue reading “Nutty banana yogurt bowl”

Dip for artichokes

Creamy sour cream blended with balsamic vinegar,garlic,and thyme. So simple and delicous! I’ve been wanting to try new and strange different veggies and produce and artichokes were one of them! Although I got fresh artichokes I also got canned which is what I used because steaming an artichoke was not quick enough and I wasContinue reading “Dip for artichokes”

Herb dressing on farmer salad

Herb dressing with chives,rosemary,parsley,thyme,and basil with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar drizzled over a farmer salad with romaine lettuce,farmer cheese,walnuts,parsley,cherry tomatoes,and cucumber! Make it dairy free Leave out the farmer cheese,however farmer cheese is very different from normal cheddar or American cheeses. For meat lovers Add crispy crunchy bacon pieces for some a meatyContinue reading “Herb dressing on farmer salad”

BlackBerry nut butter yogurt bowl

Yogurt topped with chia seeds,blackberries,blueberries,nut butter, and walnuts! Make it dairy free Use dairy free yogurt. Sweeten it Use honey,sugar,agave syrup,maple syrup,or coconut sugar to sweeten your delicious yogurt! Ingredients Category: American Serves: 1 1/4-1/2 cup yogurt of choice. Chia seeds. Sliced blackberries. Sliced blueberries. Honey to taste. Walnuts. nut butter with some coconut oil.Continue reading “BlackBerry nut butter yogurt bowl”

My fav yogurt bowl

yogurt topped with chia seeds,fruit,and coconut flakes then drizzled with nut butter! My favorite yogurt bowl! If your following my site or have seen my other posts you know I love yogurt bowls! Out of all the yogurt bowls I’ve made this one is the one I make every morning if I dont feel likeContinue reading “My fav yogurt bowl”

Fruit bowl

Fresh bluberries,raspberries,blackberries, and peaches all in one delectable bowl! the fridge was full of so many different fruits that I just had to make something with all those delicious flavors and colors! Use what you have! Change up this recipe however you like! Switch ups! Add in… Granola. Different fruit. Honey. Chocolate flakes. The optionsContinue reading “Fruit bowl”

Berry cobbler crumble

Crispy pecan pie crust layered with mixed berries,cinnamon,sugar,and lemon juice. Then topped with a spelt crumble top. Enjoy! Ive made many kinds of pie,but this one has just made my top of the list pie! Make it gluten free Use gluten free flour in place of normal flour. King Arthur gluten free flour is aContinue reading “Berry cobbler crumble”