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Apple, pecan, rosemary salad with spicy bbq dressing

I never knew that bbq sauce on a salad had such a great flavor! I love the flavor of bbq sauce, but I wanted a refreshing way to use it… so I put it on a salad! This is a great salad for fall with apples and pecans and a kick of spicy bbq sauce.Continue reading “Apple, pecan, rosemary salad with spicy bbq dressing”

Vegan veggie rice paper rolls

Super fresh and full of flavor! These rolls fill your cravings for fresh veggies and just the right amount of sweet mango goodness to treat that sweet tooth! There were these rice paper rolls just laying in the cabinet waiting to be used. I of course knew I had to do something with them…so IContinue reading “Vegan veggie rice paper rolls”

Herb dressing on farmer salad

Herb dressing with chives,rosemary,parsley,thyme,and basil with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar drizzled over a farmer salad with romaine lettuce,farmer cheese,walnuts,parsley,cherry tomatoes,and cucumber! Make it dairy free Leave out the farmer cheese,however farmer cheese is very different from normal cheddar or American cheeses. For meat lovers Add crispy crunchy bacon pieces for some a meatyContinue reading “Herb dressing on farmer salad”