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Vegan veggie rice paper rolls

Super fresh and full of flavor! These rolls fill your cravings for fresh veggies and just the right amount of sweet mango goodness to treat that sweet tooth! There were these rice paper rolls just laying in the cabinet waiting to be used. I of course knew I had to do something with them…so IContinue reading “Vegan veggie rice paper rolls”

Stir-fry rice paper rolls

Got leftover stir-fry? no need to worry! These rolls use leftover stir-fry and are just as delicious! Dont have leftover stir-fry? No problem! Just use any leftovers you have! I’ve alway loved rice paper rolls! They were so clear and fresh that I just had to use them in a recipe…well here I am makingContinue reading “Stir-fry rice paper rolls”