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Vegan veggie rice paper rolls

Super fresh and full of flavor! These rolls fill your cravings for fresh veggies and just the right amount of sweet mango goodness to treat that sweet tooth! There were these rice paper rolls just laying in the cabinet waiting to be used. I of course knew I had to do something with them…so IContinue reading “Vegan veggie rice paper rolls”

Paprika sesame lime dressing

I felt like makin . simple ingredient salad yet I wanted it to look complex. This salad and dressing will hit the spot if your looking for a good salad. if you dont have coconut aminos or rice vinegar, just use soy sauce and white vinegar in it’s place. Ingredients Category: American Serves: 1 perContinue reading “Paprika sesame lime dressing”

Homemade tomato sauce

Probably one of the easiest things to make, tomato sauce as it should be in its simplest form. Store bought tomato sauce has added fillers and way to much sodium (salt). Making homemade tomato sauce enables you to use the amount of salt you want and you dont have to add fillers! Fresh ingredients AlthoughContinue reading “Homemade tomato sauce”

Fennel, tangerine, and black olive salad

Fennel, black olives, tangerines, apple, olive oil, and cilantro flowers mixed together in this flavorful and vibrant salad! Fennel smells like a sweet licorice, but its taste is mild and celery like. Tangerine mixed with fennel makes this salad all the better! Ingredients Category: greek/american Serves: 4-6 The white bulb or 1 fennel chopped. FennelContinue reading “Fennel, tangerine, and black olive salad”

BlackBerry nut butter yogurt bowl

Yogurt topped with chia seeds,blackberries,blueberries,nut butter, and walnuts! Make it dairy free Use dairy free yogurt. Sweeten it Use honey,sugar,agave syrup,maple syrup,or coconut sugar to sweeten your delicious yogurt! Ingredients Category: American Serves: 1 1/4-1/2 cup yogurt of choice. Chia seeds. Sliced blackberries. Sliced blueberries. Honey to taste. Walnuts. nut butter with some coconut oil.Continue reading “BlackBerry nut butter yogurt bowl”