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Homemade tomato sauce

Probably one of the easiest things to make, tomato sauce as it should be in its simplest form. Store bought tomato sauce has added fillers and way to much sodium (salt). Making homemade tomato sauce enables you to use the amount of salt you want and you dont have to add fillers! Fresh ingredients AlthoughContinue reading “Homemade tomato sauce”

Chinese style dressing

I’ve gotten into the habit of eating my salads with a mixture if coconut aminos (or soy sauce), rice vinegar, and sesame seeds. These three ingredients taste magnificent together and adding in some scallions and ginger makes it even better! Not just a salad dressing! This dressing can be a dip, marinade, sauce, or aContinue reading “Chinese style dressing”

Vegan apricot bars

Apricots,oat flour, sugar,cinnamon,and almond extract. these delicous apricot bars are sure to brighten any occasion or if you just need something to snack on! However you eat them they are a sure crowd pleaser! Why are these bars so good? They are… Gluten free. Vegan. Healthy. Dairy free. Soy free. Ingredients Category: American Serves: makesContinue reading “Vegan apricot bars”

Dragonfruit smoothie bowl

Dragonfruit,banana,mixed berries,and coconut blended together then topped with walnuts,chia seeds,coconut flakes,oats,and delicous nut butter! I love dragon fruit! It may be a strange kind of fruit,but its packed with health benefits and delicous flavor! I’m kind of obsessed with nut butter! Particularly sunflower butter at the moment,but I do so want to try tiger nutContinue reading “Dragonfruit smoothie bowl”

Roasted Parsnip soup

The sweet nutty flavor of parsnips blended with garlic,olive oil,applesauce,artichoke hearts,and the secret ingredient…buttermilk! Although this may take a little time it’s worth it when you taste this delicious roasted parsnip soup! Make it dairy free Leave out the buttermilk but do make a dairy free butter milk or it will not taste at allContinue reading “Roasted Parsnip soup”