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Carob protein bites

Carob powder is very very similar to cocoa powder except it has no caffeine! Perfect for anyone allergic to chocolate! Makes: 8-10 bites Ingredients: Pinch of sea salt. 1/2-1 cup oats. 3 tbsp carob powder (you can use cocoa powder if necessary). 1 chia egg (2 tbsp chia seeds + 4 tbsp water). 1/4 cupContinue reading “Carob protein bites”

Chocolate banana walnut smoothie

Let’s get prepared for 2021 with this protein packed smoothie! Who could resist chocolate?🍫 let’s be real; 2020 was a rollercoaster of events but, this rollercoaster has made us strong. Strong enough to face 2021. Let’s be brave and face the future!🎢 Spinach. Believe me spinach in smoothies is delicious. Blueberries. Frozen always seems toContinue reading “Chocolate banana walnut smoothie”

Protien and health bowl

This bowl has protein, fiber, healthy fats, natural energy, and delicious flavor! I like my breakfasts to be healthy sweet or savory definitely not bland! My tastes buds are begging for lots of flavor in the morning! Feed your tastes buds with this healthy protein and fiber bowl! having a great day always starts withContinue reading “Protien and health bowl”