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Pina colada

pina colada

The perfect thing to cool you off! Enjoy this right before fall kicks in as your last summer sweet or fall favorite (even though it’s really meant for summer or spring).
yes, I know your asking yourself “where am I going to get a coconut shell”?! Well you’ll be surprised…I cracked my own coconut to make this cup and I even used freshly cut coconut flesh in the pina colada!

my favorite thing about this colada is it’s tropical effect! When you take a sip your immediately transported to Hawaii with its tropical looks and breezes! 🏝 🌴

Question:”will I get addicted to this colada?” Answer:”probably!”

yeah you’ll probably get addicted to this smoothies creaminess and it’s tropical effect. Pina coladas are very easy to make yet most people never think of it. With only 4 ingredients you really can’t go wrong! #coconutpineapplebanana

pina colada

You’ll want to go straight to the beach right when you sip this which is why I’ve included sea shells in these pics (and yes I found these on the beach, they are not store bought shells).

pina colada

Banana. You’ll want fresh ripe bananas for this colada unless you want it to be like sorbet. Using frozen bananas will make this pina colada sorbet!
Coconut. I used fresh coconut right from the shell! Cracking a coconut is easier than you think. For how to crack a coconut, check my perm link below.
DIY coconut milk.
pineapple. I love pineapples sweet, tangy, tropical flavor which is why you should use fresh juicy pineapple.

pina colada


Category: Hawaiian

Serves: 2-3

fresh coconut.
2 small bananas.
cubed fresh pineapple to taste.
coconut milk (add as needed until desired consistency).

put all the ingredients into a blender.
blend until smooth and serve in a coconut shell. Note:*if you don’t have a coconut shell just use a cup*

pina colada


Published by Healthy little vegan

Lilee is a self taught cook who loves making vegan food with a healthy twist. She can be found cooking up recipes with her rabbits in Florida.

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