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Vegan bluenana smoothie

vegan bluenana smoothie

A licious combination of blueberries and banana which I like to call “bluenana”. I topped mine with crunchy cocoa toasted coconut flakes and some healthy walnuts, oats, and chia seeds.
smoothies are my thing, whenever I’m really hungry in the morning (and usually I want some fruit when I wake up) I make a quick smoothie! Sometimes I add spinach other times I add protein powder or anything I can find in the fridge or pantry.
A smoothie is whatever you want blended until smooth. Smooth-ie!

Vegan bluenana smoothie

Banana. I used a fresh banana, but a frozen banana would be delicious and would make the smoothie thicker (almost like sorbet!).
Wild blueberries. I use frozen wild blueberries but if you are lucky enough to live where wild blueberries grow I encourage you to use them! By the way…wild blueberries have 2x the antioxidants of normal farmer ones.
Milk. I used coconut milk but any dairy free milk will work. If your not vegan normal milk may work but it might be a milkshake.
Oats. I use gluten free oats but any oats will work just fine. I use “happy” oats as my brand.

Vegan bluenana smoothie

muse whatever toppings you desire! But just in case here’s a few ideas.
• toasted coconut flakes.
• oats.
• nuts.
• nut butter.
• chia seeds.

vegan bluenana smoothie

• ingredients

• category: American

• serves: 2-3

• 1 banana.
• 1 cup of wild blueberries (fresh/frozen).
• 1/2-3/4 cup dairy free milk (I used coconut).
• I’ve cubes as needed (about 1 cup or a little less).
• some oats to your liking (I used gluten free).


Blend until smooth. Pour into a bowl or two.
garnish with…

• cocoa toasted coconut flakes.
• chia seeds.
• oats.
• walnuts.

Vegan bluenana smoothie


Published by Healthy little vegan

Lilee is a self taught cook who loves making vegan food with a healthy twist. She can be found cooking up recipes with her rabbits in Florida.

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