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Vegan collard greens (no crockpot needed)

vegan collard greens

Collard greens are an old country favorite and being vegan can sometimes be hard when you stare at other people forking down there collards cooked in butter and ham. with this vegan recipe you won’t have to worry about missing out on this family favorite and better yet you don’t have to wait hours for it to slow cook!

This simple recipe is cooked in a standard pot with water, salt, pepper, and some vegan hotdog pieces or bacon if desired. I didnt have any vegan meat on hand so I made it very simply but it’ll go down well with some vegan butter on top. 🧈

Collards. You can find collards at your local grocery. I find mine all year round.
Butter. A little vegan butter will go wonderfully with these collards.
Vegan “meat”. Some chopped plant based hotdogs or vegan bacon bits would be a delicious combo.

Vegan collard greens


• category: American classic

• serves: 4-5

• cook time: 20-30 minutes

• prep time: 5-10 minutes

• water as needed.
• sea salt to taste.
• black pepper to taste.
• 1 bundle of collard greens.
• 2-3 tbsp cane sugar.
• 2 tbsp oil.


remove the stems from the collard greens and rinse thoroughly. Chop the collards and put into a pot with water to cover.
add the oil, salt, and pepper. Summer for 10 minutes. Now add the sugar and continue to cook for 10-20 minutes more until tender. Let cool slightly and enjoy! Will keep for 1-2 weeks in the fridge.


Published by Healthy little vegan

Lilee is a self taught cook who loves making vegan food with a healthy twist. She can be found cooking up recipes with her rabbits in Florida.

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