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Pumpkin pie Teff porridge (v,gf)

After trying Teff for the first time I fell in love with it. I mean sure oatmeal is amazing but sometimes I want something new and gluten free is always good. Teff is like a creamy porridge. In my family we eat lots of cream or rice porridge but you know it as cream ofContinue reading “Pumpkin pie Teff porridge (v,gf)”

Vegan pumpkin pie

Here it is! My vegan pumpkin pie that I’ll be making this thanksgiving! Of course you’re supposed to refrigerate it before eating but I can never wait that long!😆 you can use my non-vegan pie crust recipe if your the butter type. The best pie crust since I’ve gone vegan I have created a newlyContinue reading “Vegan pumpkin pie”