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Vegan cucumber sushi

St. Patrick’s day is the next holiday coming up so I thought I’d start off with some green recipes!🍀 first off this recipe is so simple and a delicious take on sushi. Although there aren’t really sushi flavors you won’t mind with how fresh it is! Cucumber. A large cucumber works best and I usedContinue reading “Vegan cucumber sushi”

Extreme immune boosting smoothie (vegan gf)

I love making immune boosting smoothies and they keep my immune system up so I can fight against germs. Hopefully you all eat well enough that you stay well and if not this smoothie will keep your health up no matter what you eat. 🍓 Blueberries. I love using frozen wild blueberries because they haveContinue reading “Extreme immune boosting smoothie (vegan gf)”