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Nectarine salad and creamy orange dressing

nectarine salad and creamy orange dressing

A refreshing summery salad with nectarines, fresh basil, and cherry tomatoes bursting with flavor. I hope this salad makes you feel summer with every bite!

I used Parmesan cheese and some purple onion For a little zing. The fresh basil was perfect with the nectarine and went well with the tomatoes.

I used fresh perfectly ripe nectarines for my salad. Use organic nectarines for even better flavor!


use the freshest basil you can get and make sure it’s organic if you can. Big leaves of basil mean big flavor!

Parmesan cheese

buying Parmesan cheese made with sheep and/or goats cheese taste best and buying it from Italy tastes even better! You local grocery should have cheese from Italy.
Vegan option

use vegan Parmesan cheese and sour cream. Vegan yogurt will work in place of sour cream as well.

nectarine salad with creamy orange dressing


Category: American

Serves: 1-2 per salad

nectarine salad

The salad: nectarine salad.
chopped romaine lettuce.
Sliced nectarine.
walnuts (optional).
fresh basil (the freshest).
grated Parmesan cheese.
crushed pistachios.
Purple onion slices.
sliced cherry tomatoes.

toss them make the dressing below.

Creamy orange dressing

The dressing: creamy orange dressing.
2-3 large spoonfuls of sour cream.
orange juice to taste.
Onion powder to taste.
garlic powder to taste.
sea salt to taste.

Stir until well combined and slightly fluffy.
drizzle over the salad as desired.


Published by Healthy little vegan

Lilee is a self taught cook who loves making vegan food with a healthy twist. She can be found cooking up recipes with her rabbits in Florida.

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